The Other Side - Silky Linen Squish

The Other Side - Silky Linen Squish

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A bright, yet somewhat muted, true green. NOTE: Due to the nature of the Silky Linen Squish base, and the dyes I use, this base only takes colour at about 65% intensity, as such dark and super saturated tones cannot be achieved.

It's the 50th anniversary of the choir school you attended. You are singing at the celebratory concert, sharing a dressing room with other featured alumni soloists. One is a successful opera singer living over seas in Europe. She asks you about your life and you tell her you're just a mother of one, a girl. Her eyes light up with an envious glow and just for a moment you share a look, each one longing for the life of the other. It's a moment you will never forget - they say the grass is always greener...

Yarn information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Due to the nature of the hand dyeing process, there may be small variances in colour between skeins, although they are typically dyed in threes or fours. Please order all the yarn you need for a project at once for best match between skeins. It is also strongly recommended that you alternate skeins for anything requiring more than two or even one skein. Hand washing your handmade items is always recommended.

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