It's Crochet - BFL Squish LOT

It's Crochet - BFL Squish LOT

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This LOT OF 6 skeins is DEFECTIVE: skeins are not quite wash fast. However, since they are on untreated BFL, anything made from these skeins should need minimal washing and there is no detectable crocking at this time. Listing is for six skeins together. 

Bare, creamy white yarn mixes with brown, orange, and golden yellow.

What was a 1970s couch without a classic crochet throw? If you didn't have one on your own couch growing up, it was definitely on your grandparents' or auntie's couch.

Yarn information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Due to the nature of the hand dyeing process, there may be small variances in colour between skeins, although they are typically dyed in threes or fours. Please order all the yarn you need for a project at once for best match between skeins. It is also strongly recommended that you alternate skeins for anything requiring more than two or even one skein. Hand washing your handmade items is always recommended.

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